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From 1988 through 2002 Software Research, Inc. organized technical conferences focused on issues of Software Quality. For the first decade the Quality Week [QW] conferences were held in late Spring in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Starting in 1997 the Quality Week Europe [QWE] conference was held in early Winder in Brussels, Belgium, EU.

The 20 QW/QWE conferences drew an international audience that, over the 15 years they operated, totaled some 15,000 professionals. Content was moderated by a Program Committee of up to 30 professionals who guided the content of the conference. Over the years a total of 130 people served as Program Committee members.

The material includes digitized versions of the entire corpus of these events: Proceedings, Tutorial Notes, and a variety of promotional material. Original copies of all of this material is on deposit with the Charles Baggage Institute at the University of Minnesota. (also see: Wikipedia: Charles_Babbage_Institute.) Special thanks to Ms. Amanda Wick for her assistance in accepting this material for the Institute.

Available QW/QWE Documentation
Material about QW/QWE is organized as follows:

Intercepting The Flow of Technology
The issues of software quality were known from the early 1970's [the NATO conferences, the GOTO controversy, the Structured Programming revolution, etc.] but by 1988 there was hardly any consensus on which way the field would go or grow.

The early Testing And Validation (TAV) conferences starting in the 1960's and early 1970's coalesced at the Florida Testing Workshop, December 1978.

Even so, prior to the mid-1980's "quality assurance" and "software testing" were not necessarily viewed as a serious discipline, but by the end of the QW/QWE conference series it was clear that the situation had changed: it was QUITE a serious business!

Production Notes
Here are some comments about how this material was assembled:

Most of the credit for QW/QWE goes to Rita Bral, Executive director of SR/Institute. She master-planned all of the QW/QWE events, organized all of the promotion activity and material, and supervised her support staff "hands-on" in actually running the events. Her language skills and European background were essential in developing a truly "international" conference series.

Credit also goes to Mr. Dennis Ng, who in Fall 2021 and Winder 2022 persisted in the effort to scan in the material that was not on CDs (only 8 proceedings were on CDs), probably 15,000 pages in total.

Apart from Miller's contribution as General Chair, the greatest technical influence on the events was undoubtedly Dr. Boris Beizer. He guided the Advisory Board and always had positive (and caustic, and humorous) suggestions for improvement.

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